Useful links

From Switzerland:

  • The Forum for Young Academics, now archived, includes many resources (announcements, tips, discussions, etc.)

  • The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) an evaluation document of its subsidies programs. The home portal for the various individual grants (junior researchers, senior researchers, etc.) can be found here.

  • The centralised database of professors working in Switzerland is useful for identifying who is working on what (networking, choice of thesis spervisor, etc.).

  • Actionuni is the Swiss umbrella association for intermediary staff associations at universities.

  • Euraxess  - offers many resources for researcher mobility

  • carrière   website (in French) designed to help dual career couples in institutional and social integration (in Switzerland).

  • ISCB-RSG Switzerland: association for young academics in the field of computational biology, regional section group of the student council of Switzerland.

  • LS2   : Association for life sciences researchers in Switzerland. 

  • Migration Scholars  : swiss network for researchers in migration.

From other countries:

  • doctorat.be - Belgian portal for promoting training through research. It proposes useful resources for doctoral and postdoctoral students and employers and job vacancies for young researchers.

  • The Queen Mary Researchers Careers Blog offers an overview of resources for writing CVs or covering letters .
  • EnThèse - a blog (in French) by doctoral students dedicated to all questions related to the PhD.

  • Vitae  - website devoted to the professional development of researchers in the UK offers interesting resources and numerous publications  available on line.

  • Après le Doctorat (University of Lyon) - Que deviennent les docteurs (Suisse romande)?

  • Beyond the PhD.co.uk - possibilities, analyses and resources for arts and humanities PhD graduates.

  • PHD2Published.com - advice for the publication of a first academic work (often derived from the thesis) and various strategic considerations for the showcasing of publications.

  • The "Science Careers" website of the journal Science has a useful How to section on the writing of CVs and covering letters. Other How to sections are also worth consulting (portal here).

  • EuroScientist - is "an independent participatory magazine offering a discussion platform to help progress current issues affecting the European research community."