Trial lesson

The trial lesson is given before a panel and may be public.

In principle, the invitation to give a trial lesson is in written form and indicates, beside the date and place, the duration of the lesson and sometimes the chosen topic. Information may also be provided concerning the audience to whom the lecture must be given (for example Master students, a mixed audience of students and specialists, etc.).

The trial lesson must enable the appointments committee (and if need be students and researchers who attend) to get some idea of the selected candidate’s teaching skills and depth of specialist knowledge.

The impression made during a trial lesson must not be underestimated.

It is therefore important to prepare it thoroughly, for example by practising before an audience of friends and colleagues. Even if the latter are largely unfamiliar with your specialist field, they will be able to give you important feedback on how well you communicate.

Attending a workshop within the framework of training courses run by the RCFE or REGARD may be useful (websites in French)