Research funding

The main research-funding bodies in Switzerland are :

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is the main institution that encourages scientific research in Switzerland. Mandated by the Confederation, the SNSF, a foundation under private law, finances research projects among other things and allocates grants and subsidies. The main activity of the SNSF is to assess the scientific quality of project applications submitted by researchers. Selected projects receive financial support. With its 2017-2020 programme, the SNSF wishes to make the Swiss scientific scene more attractive to young scientists (more information and reports here).

The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI, in French or German) fosters knowledge and technology transfer between universities and companies. It brings together partners from these two domains within the framework of applied research and development projects and supports the creation of start-ups.

Research in Swiss government departments, generally referred to as " Ressortforschung " (in French or German), encompasses all activities related to the acquisition and development of knowledge necessary to implement the Confederation’s policies. Apart from some notable exceptions, most of the federal administration’s research is carried out within the framework of mandates given to universities and the private sector. Projects are put out to public tender.