Academic portfolio

The academic portfolio can be defined as a researcher’s record of professional activities. It showcases activities carried out in the academic world such as research and publications. But above all, it highlights other types of professional experience that are less easy to show to advantage, such as administrative and teaching assignments. In concrete terms, it is a document several pages long produced from an exhaustive dossier compiled throughout the professional career.

It contains :

  • a list of skills acquired, demonstrated by means of examples ;
  • a list of documents attesting to skills, drawn up on the basis of a dossier ;
  • the dossier itself, which forms the basis of the portfolio and includes all documents certifying to skills that have been acquired. It is therefore very important to request a written attestation of your professional activities describing the position occupied and tasks performed.

Based on an exhaustive dossier, it is very useful to establish a skills profile, which amongst other things allows self-evaluation (what are my current skills and where are my shortcomings?) and enables you to be better prepared and thus more convincing when looking for a job.