CV & covering letter

When submitting a scientific dossier as part of a job or grant application, care should be taken with the structure of the CV and content of the covering letter.

These items must highlight elements demonstrating the acquisition of solid skills in the four key domains (research, teaching, scientific network, institutional presence) and their appropriateness for the post.

The CV and covering letter must outline your experience to date and your scientific career. Attention should be drawn to their consistency and justification must be given for any deviations or interruptions. The record of achievement should also indicate development prospects.

The CV

With regard to the CV, the list of publications must be structured under headings. It is particularly important to showcase articles published in leading journals. One suggestion often made is to place an asterisk before the most important articles, even if you are not requested to do so. In addition, the thesis must be given prominence.

It may be necessary to draw up a comprehensive and detailed list of all courses given, It is also important to mention clearly any course you envisage giving.

The best was of presenting a good CV is to draw inspiration from those of more experienced colleagues, ask them for advice and show them your CV in order to obtain suggestions for improvement.

The covering letter

Applications that are too vague and general are to be avoided. It is important to take the time to make enquiries about the institution and associated research groups, and to reflect for example on potential collaborations and adapt your covering letter specifically to your vision for the position.

It is also very important to familiarise yourself with the main regulations of the institution and country to which the application is submitted.

Some resources 

The "Science Careers" website of the journal Science offers an informative How to section on writing successful CVs and covering letters.

The Queen Mary Researchers Careers Blog   offers a summary of resources for writing CVs and covering letters.