Assistant professors

Objectives and term of appointment
Assistant professor posts are fixed-term posts.
They are designed to consolidate the next generation of academics by offering posts to « young talents » allowing them to develop their research independently.

The term of the appointment differs from one institution to another, as do the precise conditions concerning extensions, which are based on as assessment.

Assistant professor posts may be offered on a tenure-track basis, but this is not necessarily the case.

Tenure track gives the assistant professor the possibility of obtaining a permanent post as professor after a certain number of years provided the assessment of the research dossier is positive.

Tenure is the result of a procedure whose duration and modalities vary from one institution to another. Generally, the assessment relates to a dossier presented by the candidate, which must include research activities carried out since the original application.

Three areas are usually assessed : research (publications, research projects, funds obtained, invitations to colloquiums, integration into research networks, etc.), teaching (vision of teaching, inventory of teaching activities, supervision, student evaluation, etc.) and integration within the faculty (involvement in the life of the institution, responsibilities, intra- and inter-institutional collaboration).

To avoid any misunderstanding at the end of the appointment, it is important at the time of recruitment to obtain the clearest information possible regarding assessment criteria, such as the number of publications expected and in which journals.

To promote equality of opportunity, the possibility of extending the period preceding assessment of the dossier on grounds of family commitments such as maternity leave is in principle accepted by universities.