And family?

Mobility can create wonderful shared experiences for a family, but it can also trigger a certain number of questions and hurdles.

Family life implies to discuss any mobility project(s) well enough in advance with one's partner.


Important topics to consider

Professional situations and indivual projects of both partners:

  • Partner's profession / situation « transportable »?
  • Projected situation upon return

Children and their situation:

  • age(s), linguistic competences, networks
  • organisation of care / schooling

Evaluation of possibilities for mobility (place, time, duration), in regard to:

  • Prossional objectives of both partners
  • Insitutional contexts (at home and abroad)
  • Possibiities and structures of assistance in the target institution / country
  • Civil status, nationalities and other administrative questions
  • the possible redifinition of tasks and repsonsabilities within the couple
  • the shared life / family project