Planning / financing


In view of the lack of vacant posts in universities, national and international agencies responsible for financing or encouraging research, like the SNSF in Switzerland, are now playing an increasingly important role.

The measures implemented by these bodies are designed to cover all stages of a career, from doctorate to professorship.

Furthermore, to make the European research market more attractive, strengthening the European Research Area is occurring in tandem with a determination to harmonise the structure of the stages of an academic career.

To this end, a standardisation of the academic career structure is taking shape at European and national level that associates a group of academic functions and a group of financing/encouraging measures with each career phase.


The table below (in French) gives an overview of the different phases of an academic career. Various possibilities for financing it on the national and international levels are presented here .

Even if in reality researchers’ careers never follow the different phases shown « to the letter» and it’s not possible to define a precise and rigid academic career plan, it may be very useful to bear this overview in mind when you are seeking funding.