Training programmes

There are numerous ways of enriching your (post)doctoral studies by attending a specialised training programme. Some go more deeply into scientific topics specific to a particular discipline, others methodological skills, and others so-called transferable skills. These courses are also excellent opportunities to extend your professional network.

On this site, you will find :

  • A section on doctoral schools  (CUSO, SNSF, CRUS, universities)
  • A section on workshops of the RCFE,  Réseau romand de conseil, formation et évaluation pour l'enseignement universitaire
  • A section on mentoring programmes (mentoring for young female researchers starting their thesis or in the postdoctoral phase)

Other resources 

There are an increasing number of workshops, colloquiums or summer schools offered. The best way of staying informed on this subject is via your personal scientific network or distribution lists.
There are also many possibilities to be found on the internet. It is advisable to obtain information regarding the content and quality of courses offered and instructors before enrolling in such «off-network» programmes, as their quality may vary.

Summer schools are a good example. You can search for different summer schools in Europe, or in participate in ones organized by Swiss universities, such as the Geneva Summer Schools or the NCCR On the Move Summer School (to be held annually starting from 2016). 

The SNSF proposes a media training course designed to develop researchers’ skills for communicating with the media. This two-day block course takes place several times a year in Lausanne (French) and Lucerne (German).